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Securing Operations for a Leading Fashion Company. Whitepaper

Securing Networks from the Inside Out

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We support historical collections from multiple sources of data to allow for identification of security/ performance issues on the interior of the network, capturing and storing over one million events per second – with no upper boundary limits. (The product) is optimized for the development of sophisticated, distributed analytical models.



Based on our proprietary machine learning-based algorithms, our analytics engine will detect zero-day vulnerabilities that other signature-based systems miss while protecting the interior of your network from inside attacks.



Our real-time interactive analysis provides you with more accurate and actionable cyber threat intelligence. You minimize false positives by using anomaly detection, reducing your time and costs spent on resolving cyber threats.

Real time Integrations With Everything

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Securing Networks from the Inside Out

End users expect the highest level of performance and security from all their devices. Yet a team of experts is often required to identify, solve, and prevent issues. And providing security normally relies on having seen the problems before.

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