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Intelligent Log Monitoring, Analytics and Vulnerability Discovery

The easiest way to ingest and process standard and non-standard logs produced by your applications, server and serverless infrastructures

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See everything, even before it happens.

By combining AI with log ingestion, discovery and reporting, you'll gain invaluable insight as to what's going on inside and outside of your network, so that you can do something about it.



We support historical collections from multiple sources of data to allow for identification of security and performance issues on the interior of the network, capturing and storing over one million events per second – with no upper boundary limits.



Based on our proprietary machine learning-based algorithms, our analytics engine will detect zero-day vulnerabilities that other signature-based systems miss while protecting the interior of your network from inside attacks.



Our real-time interactive analysis provides you with more accurate and actionable cyber threat intelligence. You minimize false positives by using anomaly detection, reducing your time and costs spent on resolving cyber threats.

Real-Time Integrations with Everything

  • Easily send logs from virtually any application, service, or cloud provider

  • Automatically apply facets to your log data, such as availability zone, role, or HTTP status code

  • Use third-party log shippers such as Logstash, Rsyslog, NXLog, or FluentD

LogSense Integrations

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