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  • Kubernetes

Kubernetes Monitoring: How LogSense Can Help

There are many services that let you send your logs and search through them. What makes LogSense uni

  • Kubernetes

Kubernetes vs. Logs: Application Monitoring Challenges

As we saw in the previous post, Kubernetes helps us run our applications across multiple nodes using

  • Kubernetes

Kubernetes - Buzzword or Game Changer?

Software management has changed dramatically over the last couple of years. New techniques allow you

  • Node.js

Node.js logging libraries

No matter what your Node.js application does, runs HTTP server, is a part of bigger microservices ar

  • news

LogSense: Lightning Fast, Actionable Intelligence to Unstructured Log Data

New Patent-Pending Log Parsing and Analytics Technology Gives DevOps and IT Real-Time View Across IO

  • eventlog

Integrating Windows Event Logs with LogSense


  • appdev

Integrating Java logs with LogSense

Java and other JVM-based apps are widely popular in the enterprise world, and tracking their behavio

  • appdev

Monitoring Python with LogSense

In this tutorial, we will show how to collect metrics from a Python application and analyze them usi

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