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LogSense: Lightning Fast, Actionable Intelligence to Unstructured Log Data

Feb 28, 2019 7:39:21 AM |     LogSense Comms
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New Patent-Pending Log Parsing and Analytics Technology Gives DevOps and IT Real-Time View Across IOT, Applications and Serverless Environments

SAN RAMON, Calif. --- February 28, 2019 --- LogSense today unveiled its new log management platform, which gives DevOps, IT, engineers, and developers the unique ability to correlate unstructured log data for actionable events. Purpose-built for IOT, applications, and serverless environments, LogSense accelerates agile application development, reduces support burden, and identifies security events and performance indicators before they become an issue.

LogSense is designed to ingest radically unstructured and structured data from virtually any data source, offering instant feedback loops without application or integration requirements. LogSense helps pinpoint application, network and security issues using patent-pending log parsing and machine learning technology. In addition, it provides all the necessary context to determine root causes. LogSense offers a way to take a proactive stance to investigation and response – from monitoring and triage, to verifying and escalating, to responding to a breach, infection, application, or network performance nuance.

LogSense is run on a fully modern User Interface based on HTML5. The system operates in four steps:

· Collect - LogSense offers the unique ability to parse unstructured, raw data without requiring a manual decode. Users can monitor and analyze data from any source, across applications and cloud services including AWS/CloudWatch, fluentd, Docker, and more.

· Understand - Users can search, filter and analyze logs in seconds with LogSense. Based on machine learning technology, LogSense can discover patterns automatically, including log grouping and pattern creation, for rapid troubleshooting and response.

· Protect - LogSense can identify anomalies, creating awareness of problems before users experience them, including error messages, app requests, slow DB queries, config changes, application variants, and more.

· Correct - Users can interact with their data using pre-defined and custom dashboards (including graphs, histogram, tables, and more). Real-time, accurate alerts on logs, metrics, events and anomalies can be shared via Slack and other services using a variety of API connectors including webhooks to warn of potential issues even before they occur.


Pricing and Availability

LogSense is available today with pricing starting at $25 per month.



“As IT departments are dealing with complex environments, it is becoming increasingly important to monitor all of the services in a single place, regardless if the logs are coming from serverless, enterprise app, database server or a network device. LogSense easily integrates all of them and also converts unstructured data into structured, which makes it very easy to create charts and dashboards out of sources that are treated as a plain text by other products,” said Rafal Pokrywka, CEO at VirtusLab


“One of the biggest challenges facing IT, developers and DevOps today has been the time it takes to accurately deal with unstructured information or data without any pre-defined criteria. LogSense changes that. We’ve created a way to deliver lightning-fast intelligence to unstructured data. This concept is particularly interesting as organizations look to leverage serverless infrastructures to simplify development and scalability and still keep an eye on performance monitoring,” said Mike Fishman, CEO & Co-Founder at LogSense


“Given today’s rapidly growing hybrid cloud environments as organizations are migrating to, and between, public and private cloud infrastructure, the ability to rapidly ingest data from legacy infrastructure to cloud-native infrastructure is a must to stay secure and compliant. LogSense is designed for high-speed data ingestion and is cloud-ready by its packaging and deployment options. This tool enables any IT organization and engineering team to have actionable visibility to their applications and the infrastructure where they run,” said Fleming Shi, Board of Directors Member at LogSense


About LogSense

LogSense is a log management platform that delivers powerful log management, analysis and vulnerability discovery for applications, IOT, and serverless infrastructures. Based on patent-pending log parsing and machine learning technology, it is designed to rapidly ingest radically unstructured data from virtually any data source, making it easy to create charts and dashboards from data typically treated as plain text. LogSense gives users actionable visibility across all their applications and infrastructures. For additional information, visit https://www.logsense.com.


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