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We make sense of IT.

Simple, comprehensive operational visibility second-to-none.

LogSense is a cloud-based log management solution that combines powerful log ingestion and parsing capabilities with easy-to-use analytics to help developers make sense of logs – all of them.

LogSense provides instant log visibility, including custom and historical logs, without requiring pre-defined criteria or rules. Based on patent-pending machine learning technology, LogSense integrates directly with existing workflows to automatically discover log patterns and anomalies for analysis and alerting.

This clear visualization gives customers smarter insights and faster resolutions to efficiently and effectively improve development lifecycles, reduce support burden, and minimize security risks.


Leadership Team

Michael Fishman

Michael Fishman


BS in Petroleum Engineering from UC Berkeley and an MBA from USC. 20 years running Management Consulting firm with 100+ consultants. Focused on analytics GTM, new product sales/adoption.

Brandon Virgin

Brandon Virgin


BSBA from SIU with 20+ years of networking industry experience Patent: normalizing network perf indexes. Architected world’s largest networks (Keebler, RR Donnelley, Cisco). Founding Member of Alpha Group at Cisco deploying adv. networking. Developed predictive analytics tool to predict future network reliability.

Przemysław Maciołek

Przemysław Maciołek


Data Science expert:  professional & academic track record (Intrusion Detection, NLP, ML - PhD in 2015). Focus on Big Data, Analytics & Security: FX Energy, Base CRM and Toptal, IBM, Polish FBI. Active conference speaker, manages one of the largest data-centric meetups in Europe.

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