We make sense of IT.

Simple, comprehensive operational visibility second-to-none.

Who We Are

LogSense is a cloud-based log management solution that combines powerful log parsing capabilities with easy-to-use analytics to help developers make sense of logs – all of them.

With LogSense automated pattern discovery, users get instant log visibility across custom and historical logs, without requiring pre-defined criteria or rules. This clear visualization means smarter insights and faster resolutions to promote agile application development, reduce support burden, and minimize security risks.

LogSense integrates directly with existing workflows and can be configured for on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments. 

Cloud-Based Log Management
Instant Log Visibility
Clear Visualization

Leadership Team

Michael Fishman

BS in Petroleum Engineering from UC Berkeley and an MBA from USC. 20 years running Management Consulting firm with 100+ consultants. Focused on analytics GTM, new product sales/adoption.

Brandon Virgin

BSBA from SIU with 20+ years of networking industry experience Patent: normalizing network perf indexes. Architected world’s largest networks (Keebler, RR Donnelley, Cisco). Founding Member of Alpha Group at Cisco deploying adv. networking. Developed predictive analytics tool to predict future network reliability.

Przemysław Maciołek

Data Science expert: professional & academic track record (Intrusion Detection, NLP, ML - PhD in 2015). Focus on Big Data, Analytics & Security: FX Energy, Base CRM and Toptal, IBM, Polish FBI. Active conference speaker, manages one of the largest data-centric meetups in Europe.

Strategic Investors

Each of our Strategic Investors is actively involved with LogSense to provide support to the business as it relates to their own areas of expertise.

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An enterprise software incubator and hands-on investment firm led by the co-founder and several senior leadership team members from Barracuda Networks.

Michael Perone

Co-founded Barracuda Networks in 2003. 30+ years of experience, focus on sales enablement, lead generation, and online marketing strategies. Co-founder of Address.com, Spinway, and Affinity Path.

David Faugno

CFO of Qualtrics (led $8B sale to SAP in 2019). Former CFO, Barracuda Networks (IPO 2013). 20+ years in global finance/business operations. Previously SVP of Corporate Finance and M&A at Cisco Systems, CFO of Actona and CFO/EMEA for IBM.

Fleming Shi

CTO, Barracuda Networks (joined in 2004 as founding engineer for web security). 20+ patents in network and content security. Co-founder and CTO of eHits.com.


A 'Venture Studio' led by highly experienced marketing pros that have teamed up to provide complete go-to-market strategies and services to select tech startups.

Marc Wolfe

VP, Worldwide Marketing at Barracuda Networks (2006-2018), where he spearheaded brand development and demand generation to grow the company from a privately-held, single-product upstart to a publicly-held iconic leader in email, network and data security. Wolfe has 30+ years' experience in all facets of marketing.

Mary Catherine Petermann

VP, Corporate Communications at Barracuda Networks (2009-2018), where she spearheaded numerous initiatives and helped take Barracuda public in 2013. In this role, she led internal and external global communications for the company. Petermann has 20+ years' experience in all facets of marketing.

Jim Zaslaw

Jim founded ZINC, a digital agency that combines brand strategy, inbound marketing, website design, and demand generation. Zaslaw, now in partnership with Switch9, adds expertise in SaaS marketing, visual design, and sales to help companies evolve their brand strategy, engage customers, and quickly grow.

Sean Leonard

Lead Designer from ZINC's inception. Sean is ultimately responsible for delivering compelling brand experiences — and does so by applying a blend of business acumen and creative vision to create flexible, compelling solutions that connect with people and contribute to client success.