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There are many players in the log management space. While you likely will consider several competing solutions, if log pattern auto-discovery, log parameterization, AI-based anomaly detection, and price are factors in your decision, LogSense is the best choice.

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Click on the links below for an independent comparison of how LogSense and these alternative solutions stack up.

Sumo Logic Alternative

LogSense and Sumo Logic - an individual comparison.

Loggly Alternative

LogSense and Loggly - an individual Comparison

LogDNA Alternative

LogSense and LogDNA - an individual comparison.

Scalyr Alternative

LogSense and Scalyr - an individual comparison.

Papertrail Alternative

LogSense and Papertrail - an individual comparison.

Splunk Cloud Alternative

LogSense and Splunk Cloud - an individual comparison.

Datadog Alternative

LogSense and Datadog - an individual comparison.


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