How IT Works

LogSense operates in four functional steps: Collect, Understand, Protect, and Correct.

  If IT's happening, LogSense knows IT.

LogSense makes it easy to understand what’s happening in your environment. With LogSense, you can submit any type of log (including web logs, application logs, and system logs) for parsing and analysis. All with no training, no agents, or hassles.

Our patent-pending machine learning engine can parse all logs – even if the pattern is unknown. Once parsed, unknown logs will be displayed so that the keys can be renamed as desired. All future logs will be recognized with those keys and are available for charting and alerting immediately based on any defined criteria you establish.

By combining relevant data collection, powerful machine learning, and our subject matter experts, LogSense significantly decreases the amount of time it takes to detect and troubleshoot network and application anomalies.


1. Collect IT

LogSense is designed to ingest structured and unstructured logs from virtually any data source to help identify performance and security issues across your entire network. The system captures and stores more than one million events per second.


2. Understand IT

LogSense helps pinpoint application, network and security issues while linking extensive data sources to these issues by relevant characteristics. In addition, the system provides all necessary context to determine root causes.


3. Protect IT

LogSense enables you to take a proactive stance to investigation and response – from monitoring and triage, to verifying and escalating, to responding to a breach, infection, application, or network performance nuance.

Protect IT
Correct IT

4. Correct IT

Real-time interactive analysis provides you with more accurate and actionable cyber threat intelligence. You minimize false positives by using anomaly detection, reducing your time and costs spent on resolving cyber threats.