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The All-Encompassing Platform for Log Data

See servers, clouds, apps, patterns and anomalies — all from a single pane of glass.

Key Features for smarter, faster insights

Based on patent-pending log parsing and machine learning technology, LogSense integrates directly with existing workflows to automatically discover log patterns and anomalies in order to accelerate problem solving.


Intelligence for all logs

Collect real-time log data from your applications, servers, and cloud services: AWS/CloudWatch, fluentd, Docker, Linux, Windows, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache, nginx, .NET, Heroku, AppHarbor, Graphite, syslog, and more.


SS - Logs
SS - Charts

Rapid data ingestion and parsing

Patent-pending, lightning fast log parsing for structured logs and raw data (i.e., JSON and schema-less documents) without requiring a manual decode for instant log visibility, real-time analysis, and accurate alerts.

Interactive dashboards

Pre-defined and custom dashboards allow you to interact with all the activity across your environment for which log events are being sent to LogSense. You can choose to view queried data as a graph, histogram, table and/or various other layouts.


Interative Dashboards
Automatic Pattern Discovery

Pattern discovery

LogSense automatically discovers patterns without requiring users to manually decode log files. Performs automated log grouping and pattern creation, including field types and tags for searching, alerting, and advanced charting.

Automatic parameterization

LogSense automatically parameterizes data based on machine learning and historical patterns. Users can define parameter values any time, and LogSense will apply the new nomenclature to all log data instantly moving forward.

Automatic Parameterization
SS - Anomaly Discovery

Monitoring anomalies

Machine and Deep Learning help identify anomalies, creating awareness of problems before users experience them. This includes error messages, app requests, slow DB queries, config changes, application variants, and more.

Ad-hoc searching

Time bar tuning enables users to hone in on variations in visual patterns, while granular searches are simplified by dragging and dropping parameters and adding conditions into the search field. You can save, share and refresh results in real-time.

Ad-Hoc Searching
Diagram - Alert Manager

Proactive alerts

Get real-time, accurate alerting on logs, metrics, events and anomalies instantly via Slack and other active communication services using a variety of API connectors including webhooks to warn of potential issues even before they may occur.

Additional Notable Features

SS - Service Health+Performance

Easily monitor service health and performance of your networks and applications.

SS - logback.xml setup

Quickly integrate any JVM-based logs (pictured is logback.xml setup for Java).

Screenshot 2019-02-22 at 00.52.46

Seamlessly integrate Python-based systems, services and logic for log analysis.

Screenshot 2019-02-22 at 00.29.24

Use rich custom charts functionality to analyse , understand and present your data

Agent-Free Setup: With LogSense, there's no need to install and maintain proprietary agents.

Diagram - Public Clouds

Public Cloud Integration: LogSense helps you optimize your AWS, Azure, GCP and other stacks.

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