Kubernetes Cluster Logging

Simplify monitoring across multiple Kubernetes clusters. Give power and control back to your teams building applications.

  • Automatically parse & parameterize custom logs
  • AI-based anomaly detection
  • Trace performance issues for fast troubleshooting


Kubernetes Kafka
The LogSense + KUBERNETES Advantage

What makes LogSense unique is how we treat your logs, metrics or traces. Our patent-pending log parsing makes it simple to turn unstructured data into something actionable and useful - super fast.

monitoring kubernetes made easy

Kubernetes is fast becoming an essential part of production container environments - and the overall software process.

Centralizing logs and metrics is important for your monitoring strategy, but only a piece of the puzzle.

Traditional log management solutions treat data as plain text, making it hard to do anything useful with it. LogSense helps you understand how your data changes over time and how those changes relate to other parts of your system – whether it’s raw logs, metrics or traces.

  • Send data in any format, no need to create complicated schemas
  • View information in one or many dashboards, depending on your needs
  • Sum your variables, or get min, max or average value or percentiles
Kubernetes logos and metrics
KUBERNETES MONITORING - No Data Scientist Required

LogSense helps engineers focus on building and delivering software, not operating the delivery platform. With LogSense, you can:

  • Send logs immediately when new apps are introduced to your cluster
  • Simplify monitoring across services, APIs, containers, and more
  • Monitor errors and performance issues at each layer (pod, container, cluster, controller manager)
  • Debug problems instantly for fast troubleshooting
  • Grab logs in real time for ephemeral containers


Kubernetes delivery platform

Built-in dashboards

Pre-built and custom dashboards for real-time view


Custom analytics

Smarter log analysis with ML/DL-based intelligence


Real-time alerts

Instant notification of issues as soon as they happen

KUBERNETES MONITORING - NO Proprietary agent required

Real-time insight on run-time to accelerate development, debugging and validation

  • Trace app performance for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Eliminate non-application issues
  • Notify users of problems before users experience them


Kubernetes Real Time