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Reference Videos

Gain a better understanding of LogSense by taking a closer look at its key features, functionality and ease-of-use.

Viewing and Filtering Log Records [01:57]

Gain a better understanding as to how the platform collects and organizes records by: text, patterns, parameters, meta data, log ID and time.

Using the Log Pattern Editor [00:53]

In less than 60 seconds, you will understand how the system assigns parameter values, and how to edit those parameters for future reference.

Java and Syslog Integrations [02:00]

In this two-minute tutorial, you will learn how LogSense supports protocols for sending data, such as Syslog and Fluentd.

Custom Charts and Dashboards [03:32]

Learn how to build basic and custom charts and dashboards to simplify and organize the complexities of data logging.

Anomalies Dashboard [01:48]

Watch this two minute tutorial on the benefits of automatic pattern discovery, and how it can help pinpoint anomalies.

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