Videos & Podcasts

Gain a better understanding of LogSense by taking a closer look at its key features, functionality and ease-of-use.


Podcast: Inside Perspectives

Hear perspectives on logs, traces, anomalies, and industry trends from LogSense founders and Barracuda Networks' CTO.


Viewing and Filtering Log Records

Gain a better understanding as to how the platform collects and organizes records by: text, patterns, parameters, meta data, log ID and time.


Using the Log Pattern Editor

In less than 60 seconds, you will understand how the system assigns parameter values, and how to edit those parameters for future reference.


Java and Syslog Integrations

In this two-minute tutorial, you will learn how LogSense supports protocols for sending data, such as Syslog and Fluentd.


Custom Charts and Dashboards

Learn how to build basic and custom charts and dashboards to simplify and organize the complexities of data logging.


Anomalies Dashboard

Watch this two minute tutorial on the benefits of automatic pattern discovery, and how it can help pinpoint anomalies.