LogSense Makes Better Sense of Your Logs

Structured and unstructured data intelligence - at lightning speed.

Any log data, from anywhere.

There's a lot going on out there. Distributed users, applications, data, performance issues, and more. LogSense simplifies how you collect and analyze machine data so that you can gain deep insights across your full application and infrastructure stack --- no matter where that data resides.

With LogSense, you can accelerate modern application delivery, monitor and troubleshoot in real-time, improve your security and compliance posture, and use the intelligence to close vulnerability gaps.

No structure needed

Our patent-pending AI technology makes sense of log files regardless of what they look like. Transforming unstructured data into structured data makes it very easy to create charts and dashboards out of sources that are treated as a plain text by other products.

Native AWS compatibility

We provide out-of-the-box, pre-built analytics and dashboards for Amazon Web Services including: Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudFront, Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), Amazon VPC Flow Logs, AWS Config, and AWS Lambda.

Advanced, intuitive drag/drop UX

Simple to understand, straight-forward UX, with the ability to create custom dashboards via drag and drop functionality. Alerts are dynamically linked to relevant logs (Java, Kubernetes, Windows, etc.). Query data using full text, facet or ad hoc search.

Unrivaled affordability

You can get started for free, and our entry plan allows you to immediately begin empowering yourself with log data for just $25/mo. Your investment in LogSense will cost on average 50% less with higher capacity limits. Compare for yourself.

30-Day Free Trial

Starting your no-obligation trial takes less than 10 minutes. Set up your trial account and begin logging data now. Start your free trial now.


$50+ for Feedback

We need your input! Get a $50 Amazon gift card following your free trial. Earn another $50 with any paid plan. Learn More here.

For Software Developers

Software Developers leverage anomaly detection to proactively alert themselves of application deviations, without having to know what to look for. LogSense can trace events throughout the full stack, not just a subset of components, making it an invaluable tool for any development life cycle (SDLC).

Software Developers

For Network Engineers

Network Engineers rely heavily on the security and performance of their networks and the applications that support their businesses, understanding what network downtime means to their bottom line. LogSense provides peace of mind with around-the-clock active monitoring and alerting.

Network Engineers

For IT Leaders

CTOs and CIOs are tasked with a plethora of IT challenges. Their decisions to alter, improve or migrate technologies within their organization's technology ecosystem is typically based on their teams' recommendations, but almost always backed by strong data evidence that LogSense was designed to provide.

IT Leaders